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Other Container Products

Here at Lion Containers we offer a wide range of products within the shipping and storage container industry. We also offer a wide range of other products such as Container Skips, Hooklift Containers and Container Recycling Banks. If you would like further information about any of our products, please contact us.

Hooklift Containers

We provide hooklift containers for a wide variety of uses. We consider technical standards when designing these and make sure that they are manufactured for longer security life, and for heavy weight lifting. These containers are widely used in the waste, recycling, forestry and agricultural industries. Read more about our Hooklift Containers.

Recycling Banks

We provide recycling banks for a wide variety of uses, these container banks cover the full range of recycling uses and are manufactured to operate with standard skip lorries and hooklift units. Read more about our Recycling Banks.

Container Skips

We can provide various sizes of open skips, totally dependent on your intended use. For example, if the skip is required for general waste (site clearance, home and garden clearance, light to medium scrap metal) then you will require a different size to that required for lighter bulkier items such as plastic, wood, paper and cardboard. Read more about our Container Skips.

Tank Containers

Tank containers are used for the transportation of liquid cargoes including foodstuffs and hazardous materials like fuels. Read more about our Tank Containers.