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CISA Container Lock and LockBox

The CISA padlock is a high security, insurance rated lock that not only acts as a deterrent to criminals but is also cut resistant, pick resistant and tamper proof. This padlock is provided with two keys as standard, however multiple keys can be cut to suit your staff that will be accessing the unit. Another option which works particularly well with self-storage sites is a number of CISA padlocks with a master key or they can be keyed alike, further information regarding this can be found below.

High Security Lockbox
The high security lockbox is a metal shroud that covers the lock thus making it more difficult for thieves to access the lock, we are also able to offer insurance rated locks for your container purchase.

Keyed Alike CISA Locks and Master Key CISA Locks​
We now supply Keyed Alike CISA Locks and Master Key CISA Locks. Our Keyed Alike locks are also known as a suite, all padlocks are the same so they work from the same key. Our Master Key locks have different locks and keys, but one master key can over-ride the whole set (perfect for self-storage!)