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Even though shipping containers supplied by us will be waterproof, there are various factors affecting the amount of moisture inside your container, for instance leaving the doors open during bad weather or storing items holding moisture such as metals or white goods. Luckily, we have a number of condensation control options, Grafo-Therm being one of them.

Grafo-Therm helps to prevent the dripping of condensation in shipping containers, this in turn protects precious items that are in storage. It is applied to your container roof before it is delivered and can be used with moisture traps for the ultimate in damp protection. Grafo-Therm helps to prevent the dripping, moisture traps help with the absorption. Grafo-Therm is very safe, it is non-toxic and is UK fire proof tested. The picture on the right shows a container prior to and after being sprayed, as you can see it has a white/grey textured finish.

Grafo-Therm Example | School Storage

​We supplied an Oxfordshire boarding school with a 20ft used container with Grafo-Therm condensation control. Read more…

Jack Leg Container With Condensation Control Case Study >>