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Shipping Container Finance

Most businesses use finance, as the main way to acquire equipment and normally the reason is always the same – cash flow. By purchasing shipping containers on finance you can ensure your hard earned money is used more effectively in more profitable areas of your business. Plus the tax efficiencies available by leasing equipment are extremely beneficial.

Financing your Container Investment

Many think lease finance is a difficult process, yet in reality it is no more difficult than paying for equipment by credit card. To ensure this is the case we do all of the administration work and once you have ordered your containers we then gain approval for finance (within 48 hours). You do not have to pay a lump deposit, you can pay as much or as little as you like. We can structure the deal to suit your individual requirement, and you will receive a quotation which shows how much you will be paying over the term chosen.

Finance for the Education Sector

With continuous restraints being placed on budgets within the education sector, Lion Containers Ltd can now take some of the strain by offering finance to schools, colleges and universities. Our options enable such institutions to develop their educational environment without financial worries. We have many customers within the educational sector, and now we can offer them an increased service.

Contact Lion Containers Ltd about Finance

If you would like to take advantage of our finance options, please speak to us today on 0333 600 6260 or email and a member of our sales team will call you back.

Please note, we can only provide finance for businesses and not for private individuals.