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Shipping Container Heating

If you are using your container for personal use, as a workshop or simply using your container regularly, you may need heating within your container. For best results you need to line (link) your container first, but we will of course work to your specification. We are able to supply any number of 2KW wall mounted convector heaters inside your container along with a RCD consumer unit.

Container Heating Example | Art Gallery

We built a plush art gallery for a London school, it needed to maximise space and light and was constructed from four 20ft high cube containers. A bespoke underfloor heating system and manifold was installed over timber batons. We have included a selection of the images below, but you can read more about the project here:

School Art Gallery 20ft Container >>

Container Heating Example | Skatepark Container

We built a two-tier structure made out of two new 40ft containers in order to replicate a 1980’s boom-box, this accommodated a shop area and canteen area for a recreational ground. A full electrical installation was commissioned to NICEIC regulations including downflow heaters, air curtains, bulkhead lights, emergency lights, double sockets, kitchen fans and heat and smoke detectors. The installation was protected by a consumer unit and included an inter-container connection box so that the whole structure could operate together. We have included a selection of the images below, but you can read more about the project here:

40ft Boombox Containers for Hereford Skatepark >>

Container Heating Example | Ministry of Defence Container

We supplied the Ministry of Defence with a heated 20ft unit, this was to dry equipment such as wet suits. We have included a selection of the images below, but you can read more about the project here:

20ft Ministry of Defence Container Case Study >>

Delivering Your Container

We have a small team of trusted hauliers working for us here in the UK. Deliveries normally take place between 7am-8pm, Monday to Friday, however we can work outside of these times if so wished. We also provide site visits to those more tricky delivery areas. Please read our container delivery terms and conditions for further information. If your container is being shipped, please read more about container shipping >>

If you would like more information or would like to discuss your requirements please call 0333 600 6260 or complete our Quick Quote form below.