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Container Shipping

If you are looking for a standard container to ship, we would recommend a standard, €œoff the shelf€ 20ft or 40ft container as these conform to the standardised sizes of the bays on container vessels.

Container Shipping Requirements

In order to be shipped, 20ft and 40ft containers have to meet specific internationally recognised standards in their ability to safely carry cargo on a vessel, the provision of a CSC Verification Plate on the container proves that they meet this standard.  As a rule, new containers already hold a CSC Verification plate, however, used containers have to be cargo worthy and re-tested by a certified individuals with any repairs completed before a CSC Plate can be applied.

Lion Containers can supply you with your shipping container either to your business or home address or to port, if you choose to have the container delivered to a UK address it can either be loaded whilst the driver waits or be off-loaded by a hi-ab vehicle and then loaded full and re-delivered to port.

Lion Containers can also put you in contact with a number of licensed shipping providers in the UK. For more information on container shipping contact Lion Containers on 0333 600 6260.