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Moisture Absorption Pole

Our moisture absorption poles control the exposure of further moisture, they close down the flow of air in to the space and remove any damp atmosphere from the now controlled environment. The amount of poles you need to use will depend on the moisture content of the atmosphere, the items you are storing, and how often you open your doors in damp weather.

Our moisture absorption poles are made up of a trapezoidal plastic tube, with a compartment at the top which holds 1000grm of Anhydrous Calcium Chloride. Once hung, water will collect on the inside of the tube at the bottom. It will continue to remove the moisture out of the atmosphere, holding it in its sump and prevent it being returned back into the atmosphere. Eventually, the crystals will be exhausted and will dilute in the water in the sump. Under normal conditions, and with regular domestic storage items the poles should last at least 3 months.