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Moisture Traps

Even though shipping containers supplied by us will be waterproof, there are various factors affecting the amount of moisture inside your container, for instance leaving the doors open during bad weather or storing items holding moisture such as metals or white goods. Luckily, we have a number of condensation control options, Moisture Traps being one of them. The Moisture Trap is a brilliant product which helps prevent condensation and damp in your shipping container by absorbing the damp. It is extremely low cost, very easy to use and helps to protect your storage items from damp and condensation. When used alongside Grafo-Therm, which helps prevent the dripping of condensation, it offers the ultimate in protection.

How Do Moisture Traps Work?
When the trap is exposed to air, the internal crystals work to absorb the damp moisture which helps stop condensation problems. This is controlled for around 6-8 weeks for 20ft areas, based on a 500g pack.