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CSC Plates for Containers

A CSC Plate or CSC Verification can be described as a shipping containers‘passport’. It is a small metal plate fixed to the doors of the container to confirm to shipping lines that the container is structurally sound and safe to ship cargo by vessel around the world.  The container the plate is fitted to can be new or used and in any aesthetic condition, just because a container is CSC verified it does not mean that it will be a brand new, aesthetically pleasing container.

Obtaining a CSC Plate​
In order to obtain a CSC plate, the shipping container needs to be tested by a qualified individual who will confirm that the unit is structurally sound both to ship and to accept the weight of cargo stated on the decals on the doors of the container. CSC verification generally costs around £50 to carry out and usually lasts for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 36 months, meaning that the container must be shipped in the stated timespan for the plate to remain valid.  If you require verification for up to 36 months you should make it clear to your supplier as 12 months validity is the industry standard.

Why You Need a CSC Plate​
The sole reason that you would require CSC verification on your container is for shipping purposes.  The plate does not reflect anything else on the container other than the fact that it is suitable for shipping, similarly, you will not be able to ship your new or used container without the CSC plate. As standard container shipping sizes are 20ft or 40ft, these are the sizes of container than will be CSC plated, however, specialised equipment or abnormal sizes can be plated but you should discuss your requirements with your supplier prior to purchase.

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