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Shipping Container Personnel Doors

Our shipping container personnel doors are ideal if you regularly use your container, and require easy access. We will work with you to decide where best to place the doors, and can provide a completely bespoke solution. Our personnel doors are constructed out of primed galvanised steel, and have a 1mm gauge door skin and 2mm gauge frame. They have the following benefits, uses and specifications:

  • Flexible positioning to suit your needs
  • Secure / Tamper proof / Vandal resistant
  • Easy to use and professional finish
  • Perfect if you regularly use container
  • Great if you work in the container
  • Weatherproof and thermal
  • 10 point lock system w/ 5 lever euro cylinder
  • 4 main locking points around door edge
  • Stainless steel threshold
  • Anodised lever or knob
  • Fully insulated door
  • Fitted prior to delivery as per your spec

Anti-Vandal Security Door Shroud

For increased security protection we now offer an anti-vandal shroud, designed for our standard 10-point locking personnel doors. The 3mm stainless steel internal and external shrouds protect the euro-cylinder, which prevents physical attacks.

Hydraulic Door Closers and Friction Stays

We are able to supply our doors with hydraulic closers and friction stays. Hydraulic Rutland closers are fitted as standard, but if you require a specific closer then this can be fitted on request. The Friction Stays limit the door opening to 90 degrees and holds it open until manually released.

Container Door Example | Skatepark

We built a two-tier structure made out of two new 40ft containers in order to replicate a 1980’s boom-box, this accommodated a shop area and canteen area for a recreational ground. A number of personnel doors were installed into the units, the majority of which were fire rated. Retractable security gates were installed to the inside of the ground floor windows to provide optimum security. We have included a selection of the images below, but you can read more about the project here:

40ft Boombox Containers for Hereford Skatepark >>

Container Door Example | LEGO® Style Container

We supplied an events company with two 20ft new high cube containers. For the door we created an aperture and box frame, and installed a standard insulated weatherproof personnel door (W 910mm x H 2065mm Including Frame – with 90 degree opening of 710mm). The door had a 10 point locking system, with 5 pin anti-drill Euro profile cylinder and full door furniture. Again, a tie back was included to avoid the door slamming and a rain run-off strip provided above the door. A high security lockbox was also fitted. We have included a selection of the images below, but you can read more about the project here:

20ft LEGO® Style Shipping Containers Case Study >>

Delivering Your Container

We have a small team of trusted hauliers working for us here in the UK. Deliveries normally take place between 7am-8pm, Monday to Friday, however we can work outside of these times if so wished. We also provide site visits to those more tricky delivery areas. Please read our container delivery terms and conditions for further information. If your container is being shipped, please read more about container shipping >>

If you would like more information or would like to discuss your requirements please call 0333 600 6260 or complete our Quick Quote form below.