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Air Conditioned Shipping Containers

For those of you that require climate control in your container, we can provide a wide range of air conditioning, air handling and ventilation options. You may be storing products or equipment that require a certain temperature, or you may be working out of your container and require air conditioning during those summer months. We can also provide container heating >>

Air Conditioned Container Example | Commonwealth Games

Lion Containers Ltd were recently approached by an events company regarding a bespoke facility for their television broadcaster client, for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. The facility in question was a fully functional 3 storey recording studio, with large panoramic windows on the 1st and 2nd floor. Read more…

Commonwealth Games Recording Studio Container Case Study >>

Air Conditioned Container Example | Heavy Process Machinery Storage

We supplied an environmental company based in Yorkshire, with storage and shipping of heavy process machinery. Two wall mounted 4.2KW Hi-Wall Libero S Indoor units, and two 5.2KW inverter outdoor units were supplied and fitted. The air conditioning units were externally covered with a grate, so as to prevent sand ingress. Read more.

Heavy Process Machinery Storage and Shipping Case Study >>

Delivering Your Container

We have a small team of trusted hauliers working for us here in the UK. Deliveries normally take place between 7am-8pm, Monday to Friday, however we can work outside of these times if so wished. We also provide site visits to those more tricky delivery areas. Please read our container delivery terms and conditions for further information. If your container is being shipped, please read more about container shipping >>

If you would like more information or would like to discuss your requirements please call 0333 600 6260 or complete our Quick Quote form below.