Container Case Study

We have worked with this company a number of times before, supplying large quantities of standard containers to various sites. The company are wholesalers of trade tyres and their containers are used for the safe and dry storage of stock. I received a call from one of the site managers, Dan, at their site in Chepstow. Dan needed several more containers for their site expansion. The containers needed to be the same specification as the units already on site, the new containers would be used to extend the current line of 40ft units. We would also be adding 20ft containers to stack on top of the containers with the remaining space on top of the lower units to be used as a working deck. We quoted all containers as standard height wind and watertight ex shipping containers.

Dan and I had several conversations about the units, how we would deliver and the most cost effective way to make this order work. After everything was in place, to get the order moving we decided to do a site visit before the delivery of the containers. For a big delivery like this, it’s usually best to check out where we are sending our hauliers to.

A staircase was required for access between the containers. It was positioned behind the units and was only allowed to extend from one side of the container, this was to avoid people being in the blast zone. We supplied the staircase and raised it on site. It was a completely bespoke construction, and this was to allow the unit to be disassembled and reassembled with ease.

Case Study


Once the haulier was finished, the customer was very happy. A little bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to moving big steel boxes around the country!





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