Isle of Skye

Container Case Study

I had a good chat with Tonny about our containers and what we could do with them. We also discussed the site plan for the layout, as he is using them to convert into workshops and containerised stores. All of the modification works for the 40ft containers are going to be done by Tonny’s team, however he needed us to add an additional set of double doors to the 20ft unit to create side access.

Due to the quick turnaround needed we decided to upgrade the containers from standard height 40ft containers to high cube height which provided him with an additional foot of head height in the units. We already had 8 x 40ft used high cube containers in Grangemouth, so it proved more efficient to swap to these units. All stock in our Scottish depots comes from Felixstowe or Southampton by rail.

The additional double doors for the 20ft container were fitted to a unit in Liverpool. We turned this around in 2 weeks, ready for the unit to travel from Liverpool to Grangemouth by road.

Case Study


On the first day of the delivery, five of our hauliers travelled early morning from Grangemouth to the Isle of Skye. Upon arrival, we hit a little snag in the plan! The rain had fallen so heavily on the quarry that it had washed the base away for the containers. The drivers had to wait a short while for a new loading bay to be allocated for the containers to be stored in. The hauliers off-loaded the containers and off they went on the six hour drive back home. The following day, another four hauliers took the remaining four containers to site.

Job complete!




Isle of Skye

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