Saint Austell

Container Case Study

T.R.S Building and Surfacing Ltd contacted Lion to fabricate a 20ft shipping container with side shutter access for their business, which serves their local community in Saint Austell.

For this project, our client required a roller shutter door. Roller shutters provide additional security to any container, ensuring that no one can break into your container once it has been drawn down. It also provides improved loading options and ease of loading and un-loading goods into the container.

While the original enquiry required a side opening container, however the price of such proved limiting. After communicating with Lion experts, we were able to provide an alternative which perfectly suited their needs and concluded that the conversion be modified with a manual roller shutter positioned in the side panel of their container.

To begin the modification, we created an aperture in the centre left-hand side panel of the container and installed a 10ft roller shutter. The roller shutter housing was then fitted internally, to ensure a seamless container exterior.

Lastly, we lined the interior roof of the container with grafo-therm to combat the build-up and effects of condensation and began its transport to our client.

Case Study


Despite the adjustments that had to be made to the container, our client was very happy with the end product.




Saint Austell

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