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TV and Film Set Props

We deal with many different television and film production companies who require one of our storage containers for use as a prop on set. You only have to see examples such as the Channel 4 Idents to see how versatile and interesting these metal boxes can be. We also provide TV and Film Equipment Storage so your prop can be  used practically whilst on set, or after use.

Versatile TV and Film Set Props

Shipping containers are available in a variety of lengths including 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. Their corrugated steel structure make them robust against the elements. When not in use your container will be safe, clean and dry.  The containers have many accessory options, including shipping container painting so you can make sure the container is exactly to your specification.

TV and Film Set Prop Examples

Shipping containers have been used as props on television and the big screen including in the James Bond Skyfall film,  . Homebase Advertisement and Channel 4 Ident. To discuss your TV or Film Equipment Prop enquiry in more detail contact our sales team on 0333 600 6260.