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TV and Film Equipment Storage

We deal with many different television and film production companies who require a storage solution for their equipment. Such equipment can take up a lot of space, and if you haven’t got the inside space on set for such equipment, a container on a car park or an adjacent piece of land is the perfect solution. We also provide Storage Containers for TV and Film Props. Shipping containers are available in a variety of lengths including 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. Their corrugated steel structure make them robust against the elements, strong and secure – your equipment can be stored in a shipping container safe in the knowledge that it will remain clean and dry.

TV and Film Equipment Storage Accessories

The addition of a few simple shipping container accessories can complement the structure of the container to ensure your stored items are secure for the duration.  An industry standard CISA285-75 insurance rated padlock can be provided to help protecting your items with an insurance company easy, this teamed with a high security lockboxcreates not only a deterrent to criminals but also, through the lockboxes slim-line design which covers the padlock, makes the container very difficult to access if you do not have the key! Similarly, free-standing shelving and mounted hooks can be supplied with your unit to make hanging leads and similar equipment easy and convenient to access.

TV and Film Set Accommodation

Our containers can also be converted to provide you with a completely bespoke accommodation unit for use on set. These units can be used for canteens, dressing rooms, rest rooms, offices or monitor rooms. We recently built and installed a broadcasting studio for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, read about it here >>