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Tool Store Container Conversions

Shipping containers are perfect for tool storage; they are strong and robust, come in all shapes and sizes, are weatherproof, secure and can have all manner of modification work carried out on them if you so wish. Containers can be made into tool stores by kitting them out with all kinds of furniture and accessories including shelving, work benches, drawers, hooks, locks and lockboxes, alarms, mesh cages, grafo therm and insulation… the list is endless. We can also fit heatingelectrics, water and lighting if you are looking at working out of your container. Of course, we also supply empty, unconverted containers for you to fit out as you wish. You may wish to visit our shipping container accessories store, to view our available furniture storage solutions, we have provided a selection below. Click the image to visit the corresponding store category:

Delivering Your Container

We have a small team of trusted hauliers working for us here in the UK. Deliveries normally take place between 7am-8pm, Monday to Friday, however we can work outside of these times if so wished. We also provide site visits to those more tricky delivery areas, all members of our team have passed their CSCS card test. This means that they are able to visit sites in order to reduce accidents and drive up on-site efficiency. Should you require your container for shipping purposes, we can provide you with a CSC Verification Certificate, our professionals will test and certify your new or used 40ft container to ensure it is structurally sound and safe to ship your cargo by vessel.