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Container Delivery Case Study

We were recently asked to remove 2 x 20 containers and replace with 2 x 40ft containers, but the task was not as easy as most.

2 x 20ft units had been delivered by a previous company. The business who had the containers delivered soon ran out of space and they were being quoted thousands of pounds by other companies to remove the 2 x 20ft containers they had and replace them with 2 x 40ft containers. Lion Containers Ltd attended site and did a full visit and assessment. We found a solution, by attending site we could better understand the logistics and by asking our customer questions (that others had not) we soon discovered that the swap over would not be as difficult as everyone thought!

The cable that was creating the issue turned out to be an electricity supply that had been cut off years ago so the cable could be dismantled, not only did we swap the units over but we purchased the 20ft used units back from the customer making their swap over extremely cheap as the haulage was all done at the same time and the buyback credited against their 40ft containers which replaced. Why don’t you contact us to present us with our next challenge?